Friday, October 26, 2012

How I Use "LUCK" To Decorate My Home

I found a Tony Robbins quote that says "The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck."  I whole heartedly agree, and I believe we should use this in decorating our homes on a budget too!

This past week I took full advantage of that philosophy.  I've known that I needed a dresser for Lilly's room, so I could give her sister back her nightstand.  I have been looking at Craigslist for weeks with nothing popping up worth looking into further.  Then I was driving my girls to school last week and saw this beauty on the curb.  Could I have driven right by, assume that it was broken and that's why it's on the curb, and continue to look elsewhere? Sure.  Did I? Nope.

I took my girls to school, praying the whole time that someone else didn't grab it before I could go back for it.  When I went back, it was there, just waiting for me. Yay!  I got out of my car and checked each drawer, looked it over, and aside from a few scratches and one little chip on one of the drawer front's veneer, it was in great shape. The best part was that as I was struggling to get her in my car, a man came along and asked to help me.  Thank you!

Here's my advice. Don't be a drive by.  Don't be too proud to check out that furniture on the curb. 


You may just end up with a beautiful, solidly built dresser for FREE.  And doesn't it look perfect situated between the window and closet?  And isn't it just the right height under the custom heart art I made last week?  Total coincidence!

It adds just that perfect touch of whimsy vintage to her room.  I thought about painting the sides and top white milk paint, but once I saw it in the room, I love it as is. 

Lilly has made it "hers" already, adding her own little touches to it, library books, and the 2 gold coins she got from the tooth fairy on Monday night.

I have a big build in the plans, and the money I saved from this paycheck (I only spent $1.45 last week, leaving me with $98.55!) will be going towards that.  This week has been so busy!  I hope to go to Lowe's tomorrow.  Planning, planning, drawing it out, and more planning will be done today.  I'm going to squeeze every last cent out of this paycheck.

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Bethany Lee said...

What an awesome find! I have "saved" stuff from my neighbor's trash before, so I totally get where you're coming from. :)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

that dresser (I call it a chest of drawers) is a great curb find! I haven't found anything at the curb in a VERY long time!
lucky you!