Thursday, October 18, 2012

How I added *Gold Accents* to my daughter's bedroom for $1.45

Let me just put this out there right 6 year old is a princess....and she calls her daddy her prince.  One day that will creep her out, but for now it's super sweet!  LOL  When she chose the floral quilt, she called it a princess bed.  I knew from the start that I wanted to go all out and add gold accents to her room.  This week I got a start on that with the 2 projects I'm sharing.  There are 3 more gold accents that will be added to her room with a big WOW! factor, but this week it was about the little things.  Don't underestimate what a little touch of gold can do.  For instance, take a look at her bed.

See what a difference painting the knobs on the bed posts make?  It's a little thing that only cost me $1.45 (the price of the paint), but it adds so much.  Actually that's all I spent out of my $100 budget for this paycheck so far.   

I bought some gold spray paint last pay check, but never got around to using it.  Then when I went to use it, it was chrome.  Someone must have switched caps, and I didn't pay attention to anything but the cap.  I ran to the BXtra on base here to grab some gold....they were out.  So I headed over to the toy department and got a tiny jar of paint the guys use on their miniature model airplanes, trains, and such.  I really was skeptical, but this stuff is my new favorite! 

Let me explain why really quick:
1. It has an hour dry time, so you can move it around and manipulate it until it's just what you want.
2. It spreads and goes far for it's small size.

I used it on both projects, and still have half of the jar left.  I love it's bronzey, almost rose gold shade too!  WARNING: This stuff is hard to get off without mineral spirits, so I would recommend using gloves and wearing something you don't care about.

Here's how I added it to the bed for a shabby chic and worn look.

1. After you tape up your area, pour a little of the paint onto scrap cardboard or a paper plate.  Scrunch up a grocery sack and press into the paint.

2. Start pressing it onto your bed knob.  I just pressed and lifted until it all was covered, but not solid.

3. Allow to dry completely, remove your tape, and your done.

Such a simple technique, yet adds so much!


For the wall art, I used the same technique, but on vinyl and contact paper.  The large heart was cut from white vinyl and was part of a DIY fail.  I had hung onto it, and the broken frame.  I have crafty hoarding syndrome. Can anyone relate with me on that one?

The perimeter walls of our base house are cynder block, so hanging a nail is near to impossible.  I decided to use the command strips.  I over loaded the frame with 2 extras because I didn't want it to shift, being broken and all.  I followed the application directions, leveled the frame up, and pressed each piece into place on the wall.

The smaller hearts were cut out of contact paper I had laying around using my Cricut.  I cut them, then sponged on the gold paint with my crumpled grocery sack. 

Once my hearts were dry, I peeled off the backing and arranged them into a grouping, moving them until it was how I liked it.

I love that they just peel off and I can switch out the "scene" inside the frame whenever Lilly or I want to.  We may even do holiday themes in her room colors.  How fun would that be?

Here's another look at both the bed and framed golden hearts in her room.

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Kim said...

thats very cool!!

Love Of Quilts said...

Wow! I like this.

Karen at said...

Love! The knobs look like gold leaf! For a buck and a half, I'm in, what's it called?

Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

The gold looks fantastic!! I never would have guessed that it would be so easy! You are so inspiring :)

Thanks for linking up at Artsy Corner. Hope to see you again this week!

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

Fabulous - love your projects - and her quilt - ahhh - it is wonderful - I dream of having a quilt like that!!!!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

such a sweet girl's room! You've done a beautiful job on everything!