Monday, January 28, 2013

One Little Word 2013 {Go}

Hey guys!!  My One Little Word for 2013 has been Go.  Although I've been quiet on my blog, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for some daily stuff from me.  

Each day I've started my day with a quote of inspiration that goes along with my word Go...yes with a capital G.  I have made a collage of each week, Monday through Sunday, to incorporate them into my new use of Project Life.

Each image aside from the Target Go, are not my images.  I do not own them, and found each one on Pinterest.  if you'd like the source, you can find my One Little Word board on my Pinterest account.

Here are the first 4 weeks. Hope you enjoy them!

week 1

week 2

week 3
week 4

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Simple Cricut Christmas cards {A Modern & Country version}

I know many people in the crafty world have seen and used Washi tape.  If you haven't, Washi is a patterned tape that you use for fun additions and embellishment to pages, cards, altered books, even organizers use it to color code calendars.  Target has a line of Washi that comes color blocked with two versions of polka dots, one stripe, and a solid. It comes in red, yellow, blue, orange, and green.  I picked up the red and green for some Christmas crafting.  The first thing I used them on is this card.

I used my Cricut and the Art Philosophy cartridge to make a basic cut card out of white cardstock.  On the inside, I added the Washi , leaving the trees open to the sticky part of the tape.  I then sprinkled it with large crystallized glitter.  It sticks to the tape perfectly!

Then I added a strip of the red stripe across the bottom, tucking it around the edge.  I like the candy cane look of it!  The I combined 2 stamp sets to create the sentiment, stamped in Tulip ink.

Now here's a thing about me.  I have an issue with throwing away crafty goodies.  So I had to figure out what I could do with the trees cut from the first card.  Here's what I came up with.

It's a little bit of country glam, and I love it!  I used a Kraft card base that I rounded the corners of just 2 edges.  It's the same design as the first card, but tweaked. I pop dotted the trees, leaving the backing on. 

Then the trees were covered in glue and then I pressed fun flock onto them.  I heat embossed in white the sentiment, and added glitter tape under it.

Two variations of a simple Christmas card that I will be happy to send out this week.  They took me less than an hour total to make 20 (10 of each design).

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MOJO Monday 266 ~A Fun and Fresh Christmas

I really cannot believe it's only 7 weeks until Christmas!! I decided this week I would start making 6-10 cards a week of the same design.  (Because really, I only have 4 weeks until cards have to be sent out!) This way it will stay simple for me to mass produce.  This is the card design for this week.  I based it on the lovely design of the Mojo Monday 266 sketch.  I am also using all of my stash, so sadly I can't list any of the stuff as an available product on my website aside from the glitter tape, the bling brad, and the stamps from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.

Don't you just love how at the holidays, it's totally acceptable to use as much glitter and sparkle as you possibly can?!  Me too. ;)  I used a retired set to stamp the Sweetleaf polka dots onto the card base.  I really like how they add an extra fun vibe to the card.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Outings On Oahu~ Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail

It's been quite awhile since I did an triple O post, so I thought I'd share our latest one with you. Two weekends ago, I desperately needed to get out of the house!  We ended up deciding on the Makapu'u trail.  My husband had been there once for an AF thing, and said it's an easy trail, paved all the way to the lighthouse.  Sounded good to completely out of shape me! 

I'm here to tell you that it is not an easy trail for someone out of shape.  After the first turn, and looking up, I realized I better haul butt or my mind was going to give up.  We went at 11 AM, and I can recommend that you NOT do an outside active activity in Hawaii in October after 10:30AM.  I have found that the trade winds are minimal this time of year.  The sun is still hot.  Drink lots of water!  We brought a cooler bag with a tall water bottle for each of us, and I am very glad we did.  On a side note, my husband brought a book he has been studying, and studied during his entire walk up.  He had absolutely no problem with the hike.  Bottom line is, know your fitness level before taking any hike.

We stopped half way up for a little break.  If you are scared of heights, this trail may be a challenge for you.  There are NO guard rails.  I'm not scared of heights, but the trail is very close to the edge of cliffs and made me a little bit nervous.  We are a pretty clumsy family, so i was picturing someone tripping over their feet and two steps later they're over the edge.  Did I mention I can be a tad dramatic too? But seriously, if that kind of thing would scare you, be aware that this is an open trail.

The views were spectacular and made up for the uncomfortable hike. I'll just say that most of the people were completely fine.  I'm just really, really out of shape. 

My daughter gets overheated easily like I do, so she kept pouring her water bottle all over her head. 

There's the lighthouse.  So pretty!  I would love to take a boat tour around the island and see this from the sea.

On the way down, we saw people walking off the trail, so we stopped to see what they were doing.  There are tide pools down there with people swimming in them.  How beautiful it must be down there.  I''d love to come back without kids, and see them up close.  Of course I have this huge fear of being hit by a wave and carried out to sea, so we will see if that actually happens. LOL

They have a plaque there with information about the whales that frequent this shoreline.  They are seen usually in February.  Another reason to come back.

Isn't it just a beautiful location?  I've had a sick kiddo this week, so I'll get ya'll caught up on my $100/paycheck posts next week.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Dad the Hero

This isn't related to anything I normally write about here on my blog, but my heart is full of memories right now, and need to write about it a little.

My dad is retiring today, after 27 years of being a fireman with the Rowlett, Texas Fire Department.  He actually was a volunteer before that, and was a Sheriff's Deputy before that!  I am 33, so basically my whole life, my memories are of him being that hero that every child of a public servant sees their parent as.  And now that he is retiring as the Fire Chief, I feel a sadness in me that I didn't expect.  I am realizing that I will miss it too.  I'm proud of what my dad has accomplished over the years, and what his mind and body have endured for being in fire and rescue so long.  So I'd like to share a few memories that I have as a fireman's daughter.  But I won't, because it would embarrass him.  I actually typed out a long post, then deleted it.  Just the fact that I wrote this much will embarrass him.  He's one of those "It's just my job, ma'am." kind of guys.  I'll only link to a story I found about him here, and save the private stories for our family.

Wishing I could be there tomorrow for his big retirement party!
Love you so much dad!

Friday, October 26, 2012

How I Use "LUCK" To Decorate My Home

I found a Tony Robbins quote that says "The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck."  I whole heartedly agree, and I believe we should use this in decorating our homes on a budget too!

This past week I took full advantage of that philosophy.  I've known that I needed a dresser for Lilly's room, so I could give her sister back her nightstand.  I have been looking at Craigslist for weeks with nothing popping up worth looking into further.  Then I was driving my girls to school last week and saw this beauty on the curb.  Could I have driven right by, assume that it was broken and that's why it's on the curb, and continue to look elsewhere? Sure.  Did I? Nope.

I took my girls to school, praying the whole time that someone else didn't grab it before I could go back for it.  When I went back, it was there, just waiting for me. Yay!  I got out of my car and checked each drawer, looked it over, and aside from a few scratches and one little chip on one of the drawer front's veneer, it was in great shape. The best part was that as I was struggling to get her in my car, a man came along and asked to help me.  Thank you!

Here's my advice. Don't be a drive by.  Don't be too proud to check out that furniture on the curb. 


You may just end up with a beautiful, solidly built dresser for FREE.  And doesn't it look perfect situated between the window and closet?  And isn't it just the right height under the custom heart art I made last week?  Total coincidence!

It adds just that perfect touch of whimsy vintage to her room.  I thought about painting the sides and top white milk paint, but once I saw it in the room, I love it as is. 

Lilly has made it "hers" already, adding her own little touches to it, library books, and the 2 gold coins she got from the tooth fairy on Monday night.

I have a big build in the plans, and the money I saved from this paycheck (I only spent $1.45 last week, leaving me with $98.55!) will be going towards that.  This week has been so busy!  I hope to go to Lowe's tomorrow.  Planning, planning, drawing it out, and more planning will be done today.  I'm going to squeeze every last cent out of this paycheck.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How I added *Gold Accents* to my daughter's bedroom for $1.45

Let me just put this out there right 6 year old is a princess....and she calls her daddy her prince.  One day that will creep her out, but for now it's super sweet!  LOL  When she chose the floral quilt, she called it a princess bed.  I knew from the start that I wanted to go all out and add gold accents to her room.  This week I got a start on that with the 2 projects I'm sharing.  There are 3 more gold accents that will be added to her room with a big WOW! factor, but this week it was about the little things.  Don't underestimate what a little touch of gold can do.  For instance, take a look at her bed.

See what a difference painting the knobs on the bed posts make?  It's a little thing that only cost me $1.45 (the price of the paint), but it adds so much.  Actually that's all I spent out of my $100 budget for this paycheck so far.   

I bought some gold spray paint last pay check, but never got around to using it.  Then when I went to use it, it was chrome.  Someone must have switched caps, and I didn't pay attention to anything but the cap.  I ran to the BXtra on base here to grab some gold....they were out.  So I headed over to the toy department and got a tiny jar of paint the guys use on their miniature model airplanes, trains, and such.  I really was skeptical, but this stuff is my new favorite! 

Let me explain why really quick:
1. It has an hour dry time, so you can move it around and manipulate it until it's just what you want.
2. It spreads and goes far for it's small size.

I used it on both projects, and still have half of the jar left.  I love it's bronzey, almost rose gold shade too!  WARNING: This stuff is hard to get off without mineral spirits, so I would recommend using gloves and wearing something you don't care about.

Here's how I added it to the bed for a shabby chic and worn look.

1. After you tape up your area, pour a little of the paint onto scrap cardboard or a paper plate.  Scrunch up a grocery sack and press into the paint.

2. Start pressing it onto your bed knob.  I just pressed and lifted until it all was covered, but not solid.

3. Allow to dry completely, remove your tape, and your done.

Such a simple technique, yet adds so much!


For the wall art, I used the same technique, but on vinyl and contact paper.  The large heart was cut from white vinyl and was part of a DIY fail.  I had hung onto it, and the broken frame.  I have crafty hoarding syndrome. Can anyone relate with me on that one?

The perimeter walls of our base house are cynder block, so hanging a nail is near to impossible.  I decided to use the command strips.  I over loaded the frame with 2 extras because I didn't want it to shift, being broken and all.  I followed the application directions, leveled the frame up, and pressed each piece into place on the wall.

The smaller hearts were cut out of contact paper I had laying around using my Cricut.  I cut them, then sponged on the gold paint with my crumpled grocery sack. 

Once my hearts were dry, I peeled off the backing and arranged them into a grouping, moving them until it was how I liked it.

I love that they just peel off and I can switch out the "scene" inside the frame whenever Lilly or I want to.  We may even do holiday themes in her room colors.  How fun would that be?

Here's another look at both the bed and framed golden hearts in her room.

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